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Caiping Profile

Being a leading aluminum company based in Taiwan, Caiping has been famous for the remarkable aluminum products services over 3 decades, starting as a specialist in anodizing industry (1979-1988) and transforming into aluminum manufacturer with total solution services on extrusions and sheets products since 1988~.

The products we are offering including :

Aluminum Extrusion
-- Building & Machinery, Advertising, Vehicle, Consumers Electronic, Furniture, and Office stationery & gifts etc¡K

Aluminum coil & sheet
-- also tread plate and stucco embossed sheet

Added-Service -- A variety of metal finishing, fabrication and Assembly.

Compared to others competitors, the advantages we taking are as follows :

R & D (valuable design & consulting service)

Keep chasing the newest information and upgrading our facilities to meet the demand's of client. With the valued aluminum manufacturing experiences, we are capable of answering almost any questions about extrusions design and production by delivering the valuable suggestions and solutions. 
Being the strongest aluminum backup of our client.

Q & C (Product quality)

Besides the precisely measured design capability, good quality control is the reason how we convinced our client. To judge the good work in quality control, you may leave you attention to the defective rate of output. The defeated rate said the statistic report, the defective rates we taking are between 1.5% -- 3%, and we are doing our best to rate down and offer the valuable goods in optimum. Sometimes, the high defective rates come out depending on the cases' difficulties.

Product Development

Looking forward to the future, to hit the top demands of huge extrusion applications, we've planned to enlarge hugely the extrusion production lines on size specs, up to 500mm diagonal by investing the new Giant extruder 5,000 Ton, starting mass production by end of 2010. 

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