Aluminum Extrusion:
wide ranges of standard profiles open on requests, and you are mostly welcome contacting us for any new extrusion request or questions.

Aluminum Sheet, Treadplate & Coil: please check our standard specs or feel free to send the request for further info..

Directive Sign System and Light Box:
Being the leading aluminum sign supplier over 3 decades, we've helped our client to completed many magnificent and modern building & public directory projects local and oversea. Please feel free to browse our sign products, or just feel free to send if any new aluminum sign idea to work together.  

Extrusion for Vehicle Industry
: working with a lot of distinguished buses companies in Taiwan for many years, we've released a series of profiles for buses purposes, please feel free to contact for further product info.. And we shall be pleased to help if any special specs  request.

Besides producing thousand kinds of extrusion products, we are doing more by offering the valuable services such as: design support, die making, surface treatment, fabrication & assembly and packing etc....

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