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Quotation & Info

First, Thank you for visiting our website.

Before sending your inquiry, there are some required information may help us to get in clear shapes for your cases.

Part A. for products
*1.0 Outline Drawing with dimensions or a sample for evaluation
*2.0 End (proposed) usage or function
13.0 The required alloy and temper
14.0 Surface finishing: anodizing, coating, Polishing, sanding, Tumbling 1111 etc..
15.0 Any secondary fabrication such drilling, punching, mitering, bending 1111 etc..
16.0 Dimension tolerance

Part B. useful information
11.0 Required packaging
*2.0 Demanding quantities
13.0 Estimated time schedule for quotation and delivery

If you have questions about the all required information, you may, first, send us information about the part with mark "*." Then we can figure out the first part and suggest what are the best condition for your products.

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